Name :   michele
Location :   Easton, MD
Comment :   Loved the cakes at Lisas wedding, Princess Peas was the best
Name :   petter
Location :   
Comment :   wow... those are some of the most amazing cakes i have ever seen!! keep up the great work!!
Name :   meg
Location :   san clemente, ca
Comment :   i want to see (and eat) one of your cakes....especially if it has fairies on it! mmmm frosting.....
Name :   Stephanie
Location :   Houston TX
Comment :   Awesome Cakes!
Name :   Rhonda B.
Location :   Carlton OR
Comment :   Wow! Incredible! Absolutely unbelievable! Karen, you and Princess Pea have taken cake decorating to an artistic level Ive never seen before. You two are very talented and gifted girls and I love that you honor and inspire Princess P. by involving her in y
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