Date :   8/23/12
Name :   Carole Starr
Email :
Comment :   I will be recommending this web site!
Date :   8/22/2012
Name :   Lisa Feldman
Email :
Comment :   I found you through Google and your Cop in Cop out pdf which I think is fantastic. Im having an exhibit on ostomies at the NYU/Langone Med Ctr in NYC for Ostomy Awareness Day. Hope youll visit!
Date :   06 26 12
Name :   Renee
Email :
Comment :   Awesome website that I refer to often.
Date :   3/28/12
Date :   2/9/2012
Name :   Elizabeth Plata
Email :
Comment :   Hello! I am relatively new to Home Health but not to nursing and found your website very informative. I was looking to see if you recommend any courses or conferences on wound care for certification. Thank you so much!
Date :   11/16/11
Name :   Karen Brown
Email :
Comment :   Thanks Barbara for keeping such a great website going! All the links are so handy and the shared information is outstanding! Karen Brown
Date :   08/12/11
Name :   Ann Camacho
Email :
Comment :   I loved this site. we use meditech and Im looking for wound/ostomy assessment forms, policies,procedure, etc. This is a great site!
Date :   7/15/11
Name :   Carol Bauer
Email :
Comment :   Thanks, Barbara for all your work with this site. It is such a great resource. Thanks.
Date :   June 27, 2011
Name :   Frances Wilson
Email :
Comment :   Great resources!!
Date :   5/27/2011
Name :   Chris Myers RN BSN CWOCN
Email :
Comment :   thank-you!!
Date :   May 17, 2011
Name :   Beth Larson
Email :
Comment :   Love your site. Would love more home health related information for in-services and education. Thank you all for your contributions! Barbara, you inspire me!
Date :   5-10-11
Name :   Bette Kussmann, RN CWON
Email :
Comment :   Wonderful site! Thanks for your hard work. Good job, Barbara!
Date :   4/29/11
Name :   Frances Wilson
Email :
Comment :   GREAT RESOURCE!! Go Barbara Dale!!
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